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Medicine Made Accessible For You!

In minutes you can acquire a doctor’s care easily and accessibly. They evaluate your medical needs, diagnose the condition, and treat you with the utmost care. If medicine is required, your personal physician will send you a referral for your prescription medication electronically to any pharmacy near you.

  • Complete doctor's visit virtually
  • No more ER visitation
  • Wait only 10 minutes or less
  • ER board certified physicians

Get Care Fast and From Your Phone!

We created MobileMed to bring medical care to your front door. With us, you can access health care in 10 minutes or less without leaving your home or your place of work. Access us wherever it’s convenient for you and you can get treatment unlike any other. All you have to do is call us toll-free today!

Use Your Savings Easily!

With our customer service department, your questions get answered and your concerns are lessened with MobileMed.

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